Edith Lecourt On An Introduction To The “French School” Of Group Psychoanalysis
And Round Table Discussion On The Formation Of An Analyst And The Social Link
Edith Lecourt will contextualize the development of an approach in France to group psychoanalysis, both historically and socially.
Friday, April 6, 2024, 1:45pm – 3pm
Via Zoom & Live: Location To be Announced
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Can we speak of a “French school”?

In her talk, Edith Lecourt will contextualize the development of a distinct approach in France to group psychoanalysis, both historically and socially. She will look at the transition from social psychology to group psychoanalysis, and from the psychoanalyst in the group-to-group psychoanalysis.

Professor Didier Anzieu laid the foundations for opening the psychoanalytical approach to the group: there is a place for psychoanalysis wherever there is unconsciousness (not just on the couch), the concept that “the group is like a dream”, and that the group is the object of desires.

In her talk she will consider the theoretical-clinical continuity built up between individual and group psychoanalysis, illustrating it with a few concepts, such as intra-, inter-, trans-subjective, and the Group Psychic Apparatus, in particular.

She will also discuss the role of the university in the development of group psychoanalysis in France, and the clinical research dimension that has been linked to it from the outset. She will conclude with a discussion with and an overview of the current situation regarding applications, training, and transmission.


Edith Lecourt is an emeritus professor at the Université Paris Cité and has worked for 17 years as a psychotherapist in Specialized Family Placements.

Dr Lecourt has a PhD in psychology, PhD in Lettres et Sciences humaines, and wrote her thesis under the supervision of René Kaës. She is a psychologist, psychoanalyst, psychotherapist, music therapist, clarinetist, yoga teacher (French Yoga Federation).

Currently, she is President of SFPPG (Société Française de Psychothérapie Psychanalytique de Groupe), co-founder and vice-president of AFM (Association Française de Musicothérapie), co-founder and general secretary of EFPPFrance (European Federation of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy). Between 1987-2015 she taught at universities in Strasbourg and Paris, teaching clinical psychology, psychopathology, psychoanalysis, group psychoanalysis, and created a place for the arts therapies (music, dance, plastic arts and drama) at the university.

Round table: Pulsion faculty, TBD