Pulsion Virtual Open House
Saturday, May 4, 2024, begins 12pm
via ZOOM
RSVP: info@pulsioninstitute.com

Psychoanalytic candidates face a new situation in the contemporary world. Our mission embraces a psychoanalytic theory and technique built on the foundation of the economic model of Freud’s theories of the drives, language, and the Other meeting the demands of cultural evolution.

We bring together candidates from all different backgrounds; academic, artistic and clinical. Pulsion operates at the “border”: one of these borders is between different psychoanalytic theories, such as those of Lacan, Klein, Winnicott, the Paris School of Psychosomatics, and other post-Freudian theories that place Freud’s discovery of the drives and the unconscious as central. Clinical praxis is in dynamic tension with theory. With close attention to the analytic process, our candidates immerse themselves in analytic work. In the formation of an analyst, the social link is the bedrock of Pulsion training, where participation means taking an active and ethical stance.

To apply please send CV/resume and letter of interest to the Admissions Committee, click here.

Psyche Opening Golden Box, by John William Waterhouse, 1903